3 Days off…

I took a few days off from the Blog. I have much to recap… which I will do tonight.

Just a few things.

Good luck to my cousin Carissa and her boyfriend Chris, they start a 2 week cross country trip to move to San Diego. We went to their going away party last night. I hope they keep that photo journal we talked about. Road trip sounds like so much fun.

Chris, Carissa, Allison and I.

Speaking of Road trip I did manage to tape at least one episode of Feasting on Asphalt, granted Mo and her Dad didn’t like it but I’ll give it my own shot before I pass judgment.

This comic was partly inspired by a conversation that was had on the YHT forums regarding displaying toys in the house. Thanks Don for capturing the fully weight of the issue.

Autobots darkest hour.
Life on Pause
Click for Life on Pause website, blog entry and full size comic.

Much more to come later tonight.

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