5 iPhone Apps for Photographers

Last week over at Blogging Tips I wrote a post titled No, You Cannot Guest Post on my Blog. Understand that I am not against guest posting but rather the clearly spammy ways that people want to do guest posts. Not so with Louise Baker. Louise asked me if she could get post on my blog and well I didn’t think that her usual topic: College Life would be a good fit. She came right back and said, how about some great iPhone apps for photographers. I said sure. Here is her post:

The iPhone has proved itself over the past few years to be one of the most useful and innovative phones to ever surface in the mobile phone community, and there’s a reason for that. Anyone that owns an iPhone knows that that the applications are what makes the experience so great, and without them, the iPhone would be just another smartphone on the market. However, this aside, you’re probably reading this because you are a photographer and you’re ready to turn your mobile device into a handy tool for your endeavors while on the go. Luckily for you, there are 5 great applications rounded up below that will make your job a lot easier and hopefully more fun!

Exposure Calc ($1.99)

So you’re in a really tricky setting, none of your photos are turning out just right, and you’re about to call it quits. Before completely giving up, you may want to give the iPhone app “Exposure Calc” a try. With the use of this app, you’ll be able to quickly scroll through a list of lighting situations, and you’ll get a quick recommendation of which settings to use. For example, some of the lighting situations on the app include Fires, Night Sports, Neon Lights, etc. All you’ll need to do is tap your lighting, and you’ll be quickly given settings you’ll need such as Shutter Speed, Aperture Value, etc.

iFolio (FREE)

Are you ready to begin building that attractive portfolio right from your iPhone? Now you can do so with the free application, iFolio. With this app, you can easily and quickly promote your work by organizing it all into a sleek and attractive portfolio that can be shared with clients, editors, etc. The app is also a part of a database that potential clients can peruse! If a client happens to stumble across your work and likes it, they can instantly contact you by way of a messaging system.

Best Camera ($2.99)

Looking for great filters for your photos? Take your photos to the next level by applying the awesome filters provided by Best Camera such as Candy, Paris, Jewel, Contrast, etc. You’ll be wowing your friends and clients with your photos. And all of your thanks can go to the handy little app on your iPhone called Best Camera.

Photogene ($1.99)

Everybody wishes that they could go back and edit photos that they’ve taken with their iPhones. Even though it’s a measly camera bundled with a phone, there are rare occasions when some photos are breath-taking, and it would be great to go back and slightly tweak them. Now it can be done with Photogene, and there are tons of things that are possible including cropping, framing, level adjustment, exposure adjustment, etc. Speech bubbles can also be added for humor!

DoF Calculator ($1.99)

This is an extremely straight forward depth of field calculator for all photographers needing a handy tool such as this. Calculations are made within 7 decimal points and are usually highly accurate. All calculations are based on focal length, aperture and distance. This is a powerful tool that all photographers should keep in their arsenal.

When she’s not using her iPhone, Louise Baker writes about online schools for Zen College Life. Her most recent article was about x-ray technician schools.

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  1. I’d like to play with the depth of field calculator. I can’t really see myself pulling out my phone at a wedding to figure out what settings to use though. I think it’s something that you get used to after using a lens/camera combo for a while.

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