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I test drove a site called SilkFair today. This is a site where you can set up your own online store. I have been toying with the idea of selling some of my photographs in frames and selling off some of my comic books and collectibles. I’ve tried auction sites before and have had bad luck. I put up some action figures that had sold for $200 the day before and mine went for $61. I was very disappointed. With an online store I can control the prices of my items for sale.

So, in addition to my collection of comic books, collectible steins and maybe some transformers I can easily add them to my new free store. Then when I get my butt in gear and start printing my photos and framing them so I can sell them for free too. How can this be free for me? Instead of paying to list, paying to add images and paying nickel and dime all over the place on an auction site SilkFair charges a 3% final sales fee.

During my test drive I was able to upload images. I uploaded a photo of Allison and Eva wearing the Jayne Cobb hats that she made. I was also thinking that my online store should also feature her knitted items and hand painted custom frames. The great thing about adding a new listing is that the required fields let you know exactly what to add so that you can’t make a mistake.

Here is what my item listing page looks like.


SilkFair has so many awesome capabilities like video marketing, one-step shopping cart check-out, in-line editing of listings (point-click-edit), integration with PayPal and Google Checkout. I like the ability to go and make a video about something I own, show off the features and benefits of the product. I also like being able to post multiple images to show off the product from different angles. You don’t have to pay anything extra for those features. This is a huge benefit and can really enhance each listing that you put up.

The list of features that you get at SilkFair is pretty staggering. The store is not only easy to set up but also easy to maintain, you can use your own custom domain name and each store can have a unique url.

One thing that always stopped me from setting up my own online store is the checkout features. I have no clue how to set up shopping carts and managing checkout scenarios. With SilkFair I can have a one stop cart checkout system, Google Checkout and PayPal Standard options as well. With all those features and a low cost of operation I am seriously giving this online store option a look. It is time to gear up and sell my items. And I think I can convince Allison to make up a few of those hats for sale as well.

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  1. Thanks Dad, but I think you just want me to get some of my ‘stuff’ out of the house. 🙂 I appreciate the encouragement though.

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