A Piercing Milestone

Photo-A-Day #2873

Today Eva got her ears pierced. She had been asking us for months to get them done and we made her a deal. We are pretty sure that she is responsible enough to care for her ears. We also wanted her to earn part of the money herself so we set up a chore chart. Eva will do small chores that are age appropriate and because of that she will earn a small stipend each week. That money goes into three envelopes, Save, Share and Spend. She had been given half of her half of the money and she would spend the next few weeks earning her portion of the cost of getting her ears pierced. She did really well earning her portion of the money.

We went to the mall to Claire’s and she went right up to the girl there and told her that she wanted to get her ears pierced and that she was getting her birthstone for the studs. She told her about how she earned the money for the piercing. She got right up on the chair to sit for her piercing. She then decided that she wanted to sit on Allison’s lap instead. That was probably a good idea because even though she was very brave the piercing stung a lot and she cried. I recorded her getting the piercing done and it was so hard to see her overwhelming shock at the pain of the piercing and her crying. It was so sudden too and even though I felt bad watching her crying and hurt by the ear piercing I couldn’t help laughing a bit which sounds terrible but I knew it was more of a complete shock and a quick temporary pinch. She was very brave and we are so proud of her for being so brave.

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