A Quick Swim at the YMCA

Photo-A-Day #1907

I pulled into the driveway this morning at 3:30am. Suffice to say I used a sick day. Although, I was unable to sleep as long as I wanted because of my internal clock, which never takes a day off. So I eventually got up but I was out of it most of the day. I really couldn’t get out of my own way.

Later in the afternoon I went with Allison and Eva to Eva’s swimming lesson. It is called Pike with Parent, the YMCA names the classes after fish. I’m so impressed by how well she was swimming today. She was clearly the most advanced child in the group too. and that isn’t just because she is my little girl either. She is such a strong little swimmer. She loves the water so much that she’s even smiling as she swims underwater. She swam under water a bunch too, she kept asking Allison to drop her under the water and she’d pop right back up with that cute little doggy paddle as well as spitting sputtering and smiling.

Photo Information

Date Taken: June 26, 2010
Camera: Eastman Kodak
Model: KODAK PlaySport
ISO: 50
Exposure: 1/160sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: 5.5mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: N/A
Lens: N/A

Sitting there in the bleachers watching Eva swim was fun but at the same time depressing. Not being able to be there all the time to see her joy for swimming. But it was really nice that she would swim toward me with this huge grin on her face, so happy with what she was accomplishing. I’d clap and give her the thumbs up and wave, she was delighted and so was I.

After class we went to the outside pool because it was open for family swim. We only got about 5 minutes in that pool because the thunder started but I took the Kodak PlaySport camera with me and got some fun shots as well as a few home videos including the smiling underwater ones.

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4 thoughts on “A Quick Swim at the YMCA”

  1. Glad your back , safe. Great video on the alpine slide! I would love to try that.Looking forward to the 4th

    1. Dad,

      Looking forward to getting down for the weekend at the Cape. Or what will be left of the weekend after we shoot up to Manchester and back.

  2. That is such a fun picture! Happy to see you got to rest a little bit and get some QT with the Ladies Bennett!

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