A Thanksgiving Gift

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We took Andrew home from the hospital today. He’s doing very well but has a little jaundice. We’ll have to bring him back to the lab tomorrow for a Total Bili test. Luckily over the next few days it will be nice and warm so we’ll get Andrew outside for walks. We’ll also get him near sunny windows to help as well. We’re also lucky that this kid poops like a champ which helps him clear out the bad stuff. Other than the little jaundice this kid is doing wonderfully.

When we got home we were visited by my grandmother. She has held three baby Andrew’s in her arms in her lifetime. Sixty years ago was my father, 37 was me and today our little Andrew. Grandma came over with my cousins Madison and Haley. They both had their iPhone 4S’s out and pulled together a FB album of photos from the visit. I asked them to tag us in the photos and about an hour later our phones started blowing up with notifications. Those girls work fast.

Our friend Michele came over to visit as well. She brought us some delicious pumpkin muffins. Her kids are so excited to come and meet Andrew, too.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner while watching episodes of some thanksgiving themed comedy shows. Our dinner was courtesy of my Uncle Richard and his girlfriend Sally. They had a huge spread over at their place. I loaded up two plates as well as some pumpkin cake. A delicious meal and a wonderful time spent together as a growing family. It was also good time to spend getting to know Andrew in the quiet of our home.

My Grandfather Rick came over later in the afternoon to visit also. He was up from the Cape and hadn’t seen the house yet so I showed him around while Andrew finished up a feeding. Then we got to spend some time with the little guy.

So now Allison and I are catching up a bit on our DVR and Andrew is snoozing away right next to me on the couch. It is hard to turn away from watching all the cute little things he’s doing and all the sweet little sounds he’s making. The kid doesn’t cry very much at all. He’s got such a sweet little temperament about him and does some decent sleeping too. I look forward to Eva coming home tomorrow and getting to spend a little time with him as well. She’s had a great time with the family down the Cape.

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  1. What a blessing that your grandmother had the opportunity of the 3 drews. Im so sure Eva was darling. Im sure she is going to be one of those really helpful big sisters. Or an extremely jealous one.. lol
    Happy Thanksgiving, and wishing a speedy recovery to Alison.

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