A Voltron Valentine – Season 5 Trailer and Release Date!! #StreamTeam

Prince Lotor

Can Prince Lotor be trusted. He wants to bring down his father, Lord Zarok and mother, the witch, Haggar. Spoiled anything for you yet? I hope not. I hope that you have watched seasons 3 and 4 already because a lot has gone down to get us to this place. Zarkon is back and powerful once again. Prince Lotor wants to combine the might of his forces with those of the paladins of Voltron. But can he be trusted?

Watch the trailer below to see what is coming from this new exciting season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. The episodes drop on March 2. There will be six episodes. I really wish that there were going to be more. I want more Voltron because the story is so good, and the action is awesome! Check it out in the season 5 trailer below to see what I’m talking about.

Wasn’t that cool? I predict that there will be a tenuous truce between Lotor and the Voltron Coalition. They will work together for a bit, there will be trust issues, misunderstandings and accusations of nefarious behavior. However, I don’t think the truce will last as Lotor has ambitions that do not jibe with Team Voltron. We shall see.

Pidge and Matt

I know someone who is not a fan of Prince Lotor. Pidge will not trust him and will try everything that she can to dissuade the team from working with him. This may have to do with the initial disappearance of her brother Matt. I am glad that she has finally found him. I do love the backstory that we are exploring with the characters a bit at a time. Voltron is easily one of my top favorite shows that I have seen in a while. Season five looks to be really action packed, too.


So the question is ‘Do The Paladins Make A Deal With The Devil in Voltron Legendary Defender Season 5 Trailer?’

Tell me, do you thnk they should trust Lotor?

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