Photo-A-Day #2338

When I was a kid I watched Happy Days and I really liked the character of Fonzi. This little LEGO character sits on my desk and gives me a little “Aaay!” every once in a while. So random.

This morning I recorded and episode of Geek Dads Weekly with Daniel M. Clark of @QaQn. We talked about a ton of things including yesterday’s post about Eva collecting some Strawberry Shortcake comic books. That photo seems to have been garnering a lot of attention on twitter. People are enamored with a girl reading comics. I hope that she continues to enjoy them and so I can share my collection with her. Much later when she handles them properly.

Today we were visited by one of Eva’s soon to be teachers. She came over to introduce herself and spend time with Eva. She brought over a t shirt for her to wear on field trips, a name badge to bring with her to the first day of school and a bag that she will use to bring something for Show and Tell each Thursday. She was so excited about show and tell that she set up her new camp chair and decided to give us a show and tell about the Strawberry Shortcake comic book.

Later in the day we went to the wake for our friend Paul Mahoney. Despite how it might have appeared I did like Paul. He was a take no shit from anyone kind of guy but he’d give you a ration of shit for many things. He got after me from time to time about blogging and Facebook and things like that. He liked to razz me. He was a funny guy with a big heart and a strong faith. He will be missed very much.

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  1. Enjoyed the video. I think you need to shut off the TV and locate the mic so Eva can be heard a little better.

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