Acid Tweets

Acid Tweets
Photo-A-Day #1379

I’ve been doing some interesting things with Photoshop lately. One great resource is Photoshop Elements Killer Tips. This is a very cool video podcast that helps users master great tricks with Photoshop Elements. I’ll tell you more about it once the event happens next Friday.

But one thing I’ve done with PhotoShop is finally update my Twitter background with a custom one. I detailed info about that on The Wired Kayaker blog. I had a lot of fun working on this and I hope that you get a kick out of it too.

If you look deeper at my Twitter background you’ll see an Easter Egg. That is what prompted photographing some of my Transformers today. They Transformers pictured are Acid Storm and Prowl.

My friend Mo of We’re In A Fight was at SeaWorld today and she saw some folks from IZEA. She even caught a glimpse of Ted Murphy but she was unable to catch him. I tweeted the whole thing but was unable to connect them. It could be that Ted had to go and dry off after being swamped by Shamu.

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14 thoughts on “Acid Tweets”

  1. YES!! I did see him…I saw the Izea shirted people first then I saw him taking this video!! I recognized the hat! I’m pretty sure I was in beer school with another blogger too…but I didn’t realize the connection until I saw the Izea shirts. I did try to get to Mr. Murphy after the show but I lost him in the crowd…very wiley that one!

    Mos last blog post..Sunshine…lollipops…and a Big Box of Awesome!

  2. Mo,
    I can’t beleive you missed him. I was tweet stalking him for you and everything. Too Bad I didn’t know sooner that you were gonna be there too. There is a rumor that IZEAFest 2009 may be at a wet and wild place like SeaWorld.

  3. Hey Drew,

    Long time no speak (I’ve been coming to the site infrequently, work has been busy).

    Anyways wanted to ask what your take on that Prowl figure was. Is he worth picking up? Also, are you planning on picking up the Skywarp/Thundercracker double pack?

    Mikes last blog post..News: Pokemon Games to Play

  4. Hi Mike,
    I do like the prowl figure. I’ve only been collecting the Classics figures and a couple of the animated ones, I picked up soundwave. The Skywarp/Thundercraker two pack, are they the classics mold or the G1 mold? I already have both because of botcon and the G1 ones I got as a kid. Can you post a link to this item? Thanks.

  5. Right now they just have the ninjas and Duke, I believe. Once they get more, like Beachhead, I’ll start picking them up.

    What’s your take on Mighty Muggs? I ordered Cobra Commander & Darth Revan, as well as own Dr. Doom, Ghost Rider, Black Costume Spider-Man, Wolverine, Galactus and Thanos.

    The Transformer ones look ok (the decorated head pieces do not come out well on round heads), and I’ll have to pick up Soundwave because he’s Soundwave.

  6. Mike,
    I picked up Hound/Ravage and Cyclonus/nightstick today. I did see the mighty muggs but have no use for them. Also I saw the Beachhead G.I. Joe hero/Serpentor as well as Destro/Scarlett and Flint/Baroness.

  7. I think I may swing by Target today then (I’d hit up ToysRUs, but I went there three times last week, and they had nothing).

  8. I swung by Target yesterday. Picked up the Beachhead/Serpentor Heroes pack and Animated Blitzwing.

    Unfortunately they didn’t have any 25th Primes. I do have Cyclonus, Hound and Starscream coming in the mail, so looking forward to that. I’ve only seen good things about Cyclonus.

  9. Mike,
    I picked up Onslaught yesterday, what a solid fig, I love it. I also have cyclonus and hound. You will be impressed with Cyclonus. Are you going to Botcon? I am probably going to go this year. I really am excited about it.

  10. I’m seriously contemplating it. Now that I work and have some money saved up I can afford to go to Botcon and ComiCon for the first times. I just need to figure out my calendar this year.

  11. Mike,
    I ran the numbers on Botcon and it wouldn’t be financially feasible for me to attend this year even with a travel stipend to support me. So I am out.

    However I hit target yesterday and they dropped the Springer/ratbat two pack to $15.94 and Optimus 25th anniversary to $34.95

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