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As part of the BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest I have asked each contestant to submit a photo for a little photo contest that was suggested by Lisa. A few contestants have submitted a photo to me. I am putting them all up here. I want each person who visits this site to leave a comment on which photo they like the best. Photos will not be identified by the contestant, but rather by numbers. so in the comment say. “I like photo #__!” That will bring in a vote for your favorite photo. Comment voting ends on the 24th at 12:00 noon EST.

Here are the photos. You can click them for a larger photo.

Contest 1 Thumb Size
Photo #1
Add it up Contest Photo 2
Photo #2
Add it up Contest Photo 3
Photo #3

Good luck for everyone.

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32 thoughts on “Add it Up Contest – Photo Contest”

  1. Sure, I will consider that post one vote for your photo. No need to say which photo you are voting for, that way we keep it all anonymous. So each contestant has one vote for themselves. So either way you are all starting equally.:-) Thanks for sending a photo for this, I really thought that more contestants would have sent in photos.

  2. Hmm now if Spanish Joe Votes we will know which picture is his.

    I like photo #3.

    #1 is ok but having the truck in the frame ruins it for me

    #2 is really cool but it looks like a postcard

    #3 is cool the way the bronze on the lion in stained is really neat and the background of the grey sky is perfect for the lions expression. If you stare at it long enough you can feel the emotion the sculptor was trying to express.

    Oh yeah and I like Lions (even though technically they are cats)

  3. Stpehen you are correct however if each player already gets one vote for voting for their own then we know nothing about who is who. Your insight into each photo is well noted. Thanks for voting.

  4. If you would like to write a post on your blogs to promote your photo go right ahead. That is fine. All I ask is that you not reveal the identity of your photo on this blog so that the commenting can be impartial. Other than that promote away.

  5. Although I agree that photo #1 would be better without the vehicle in the shot, I still like it the best. The composition and colors are so nice, and the framing is excellent.

  6. Skeet, nice to see you around these parts, I appreciate all the voting you’ve been doing for me int he Super Bowl contest, I am in 4th place and probably not even close to winning but I have appreciated the help from my online friends.

  7. That is okay, many people forgot. I appreciate that a few folks remembered. For some reason this post had 459 visits yesterday through Stumble Upon, that is insane.

  8. Thanks, it brought 459 visits to this blog. People didn’t do much while they were here but wow. I’d love to see people hit the Photo-A-Day page that hard. It was awesome to see.

  9. I’m throwing in my vote for #1. Even though it would be better without the vehicle, I understand we can’t always get what we want. I think the photographer made the best out of it.

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