Admiring the Wildlife Along the 10 Mile River


Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00614

Allison and I have been talking daily walks for a couple of months now. We started because I was in a Fitbit challenge at work and she had been as well. The whole family has fitbits now and if there is something tracking my steps and keeping me accountable then I am getting up and moving a lot more than I had been. I am constantly reminded to move around and it has been very good for both of us. We’ve lost some weight but starting the day off with a walk is nice. We talk if we need to talk or just walk and enjoy the scenery.

Now with school back in session we wake up early and get a couple of laps around the park before Allison has to go home and get ready for school. I keep walking our usual route because I won’t get a chance later in the day to go again, or I won’t be that motivated to do so. Allison gets a ton of steps at school throughout the day that make up or the steps he missed out on by cutting the walk short.

This morning as I continued along I looked down one part of the 10 mile river. I have seen a fox there, a family of raccoons cross from one part of the stream to another and also some carp. Today I saw this Heron. I’ve seen them in the area before and they are enormous when they fly but then look like little delicate birds when they are walking in the water. It was a nice sight to see.

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