Allison’s Birthday 2010

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Happy Birthday Allison. Today was Allison’s birthday. We started off the morning by letting her sleep in while Eva and I played Clicktoy, had breakfast and made a nice card for momma. Supermarket, Church and then we headed over to Attleboro Farms for the North Attleboro Farmer’s Market.

North Attleboro Farmer's Market

The North Attleboro Farmer’s Market has been a summer thing but this year the market has a winter location. Attleboro Farms is a great place for all your outdoor and gardening needs. Our friends Adrienne and Greg were there. Greg is a co-owner and opened part of the building that isn’t used in the winter to the market each Sunday. Inside there are some really nice tables of handmade, organic and baked items. We tried out some of the homemade jellies from Jessica’s Jellies and they were delicious.

Jessica's Jellies

Eva and I took a look at some handmade cookies from Jack’s Cookie Jar.

Jack's Cookie Jar

Homemade sugar cookies were on the menu. Eva picked out three tasty winter hat shaped cookies, one for each of us.

I got Cookies!

On the way out we ran into my sister Tara. She and the Friend’s of North Attleboro Animal Shelter are going to be at the market next week and they will have these reusable shopping bags for sale to raise money for


After the market we went to Rancho Chico for a birthday lunch. I added the restaurant to FourSquare while I was there. I’ve got to remember to make sure to check in places more often. Rancho Chico was delicious, we haven’t had Mexican in a while and they have authentic Mexican food. The Queso dip is also very tasty.

Did you notice a new little logo up on the top of my blog, under the photo of me. It is right next to the Facebook icon, this is a ShutterCal icon. I’ve just started writing guest blog posts for ShutterCal. My first one is up now.

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  1. Happy birthday Allison!

    Thanks for the photos and talking up the market! Keep spreading the local food word!!

    Thanks again


    1. David,
      We will head up that that again in the coming months, we really enjoyed it and I will be sure to take more pictures and do more blog posts.

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