Am I Sailing Through a Fog?

Photo-A-Day #1933

Spent a great day on the Cape. The sun came out and we were able to go to the beach. That was after Grandfather made pancakes and bacon for Eva and the rest of us. We swam, had a nice lunch in the back yard and then spent more time on the beach. We had a delicious cook out with corn on the cob. After dinner Grandfather took us all out for ice cream at “Dairy Queen” (actually a place called Spiral Cone that everyone calls Swirls, confused?) Let’s just say that it is good that Eva can’t read yet. She did love her ice cream though.

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6 thoughts on “Am I Sailing Through a Fog?”

    1. Deborah,
      Thank you. It was one of those things were I had a smaller camera and shot and shot but liked how this one came out.

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