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Last Thursday night I went to a party at my fellow Isis Fellow, Annie Stow’s, of Stowed Stuff, house. I was there for a party. is an online calendar program but much more than that. It is a way for you to create your own personal social network with real friends and real family. You know, the people that you actually know and hang out with. The people who come to your kids soccer games or take your kids to school.

The service was created by moms who were looking for the perfect online calendar, contact list and more that they could share with their family. Each member of the family has a different color and they can add in the classes, appointments, vacations and more. It works very well for family communication and planning trips, coordinating rides and such.

Personally it is not a service for me. I use Google Calendar, we have it synced with our iPhones and iPad and now the iMac. But also, we aren’t that scheduled at this time. Eva and Andrew don’t have a lot of weekly activities that we need to coordinate and I’m home most of the week and Allison is home all week and weekend so we don’t really need this sort of service at this time. Maybe when we get busier but for now our coordinating on the Google Calendar works for us. But if you have a busy family and are looking for a better way to coordinate schedules check out, just because I am not using it does not mean that it does not have value. I can see tremendous value in it for the right family. That family could be yours. The service is free and there is an Android app with an iPhone app on the way.

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