And I thought Ratchet was an Autobot

Photo-A-Day #2766

I’ve always been in the Nintendo camp. As far back as 1985 (best year ever) when the NES was released I was hooked. Whatever money I saved or earned went towards new games for that system and I played it for hours on end. I even took that classic box to college. In college there was the Sony Playstation and it was a huge hit, but I still hung on to my Nintendo. It wasn’t until I came back to college in 1997 as an Assistant Residence Hall Director that I bought myself a Playstation and that was pretty much so I could play Metal Gear Solid and Soul Calibur. I never did get into playing Ratchet and Clank. The game looks like fun though and there are a ton of iterations of the series. Too bad it isn’t on Nintendo.

Speaking of Nintendo, I am very excited about the release of the Wii U. I saw a display of this new system at Target the other day and I am even more hooked on picking it up. I am hoping to find it on the release date of November 18th because I cannot seem to find any way to pre-order it at the retail price. Everywhere has it jacked up and nowhere is it available to actually pre-order. I’ve tried, Best Buy, Toys R US, Target, Kmart, Walmart, Sears and Cannot find it anywhere and I’m scheduled to receive the Transformers Prime game for the system that week. So, which store do you think I should camp out at and have the best chance of finding it on the 18th?

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