Andrew’s Baptism

Photo-A-Day #2487

Today was Andrew’s Baptism. We had the Baptism at Sacred Heart Church. Andrew’s godparents are my sister Tara and our friend Uncle Mike. We had the Baptism during the regular 10:15am Mass. It also happened to be the kick off to Catholic Schools week and there was another family baptizing their child as well. It was busy but it was also so well done. Fr. Dave was great, had a great message and was wonderful in how he even incorporated my attending the school and the other parent working at the school into the ceremony.

After the ceremony we took a few photos including the one above. That is of everyone who wore the same baptism gown over the years. The gown itself is over 100 years old and was worn by all of Great Grandma Eva’s brother’s and sisters. Allison and Nate wore it and so did Eva and Andrew. We are now keepers of that tradition.

After the ceremony we went back to our house and had a family party. We were a bit worried about space because despite our house being a decent size I did not think that 40 people would fit inside. But you know what, it all worked out. People found spots to be in and we had a very nice time. The food was great because Dan and Marcia made up some sausage and meatballs (they were devoured). We also got two large cold cuts plates from BJs and had enough left over to make Stromboli and also enough to freeze. Add to that cakes and cookies and we had plenty to go around. It was a very nice day filled with loving family.

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