Another call for free wireless in airports…

I am stuck in the Philly airport, again. Every time I go to this airport I get delayed. This time the universe upped the ante and kicked me in the nuts with a cancelled flight. So I am stuck in the airport awaiting the flight I was rebooked on. I hate this airport.

Most days I would not care however today I had plans to meet people when I landed in Chicago. Luckily they are able to accomodate a change of plans, but what if they weren't able to do so?

What does this have to do with wireless access? Well the way that I usually communicate with the people I am meeting is through e-mail. I can do that via my phone if I had the e-mails, which luckily I did. But what about my time that has been wasted. If I was able to get online I could at least do some work. My time is valuable and since it is being wasted by the airlines they should offer a wireless voucher so I can at least do something productive. This airport has free wireless… on weekends. Whoop Dee Do. I am so frustrated.

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6 thoughts on “Another call for free wireless in airports…”

  1. In China, the worst days of snow, rail disruption, aircraft grounded, millions of passengers stranded.

  2. You already know how I feel from all my gripes of having to pay fees at the airport. Where is customer service?!

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