Anthony Edwards, Xshot and Shoe4Africa

Anthony Edwards, Xshot and Shoe4Africa
Photo-A-Day #1653

Blogworld & New Media Expo is once again finished for the year. I am looking forward to getting home but I am also sad to leave the energy of such dynamic people. Sure I can visit their blogs and see them online on twitter and Facebook but to sit down and have a conversation, well there is nothing else like it. This year things really started to pick up for me. I met so many new people and reconnected with people I already knew. I was also confident enough to talk to many of the people that I would not have had the guts to approach 3 years ago. Now people are even recognizing me and I’m not sure what to do with that other than to say “Thank You”

The morning kicked off with a Keynote that was in my opinion, incredible. The person who made this such an incredible keynote was Anthony Edwards. I’m a child of the eighties and I grew up on Revenge of the Nerds, Top Gun and later on ER. Anthony Edwards as open, honest and engaging. He has been working on a cause to build the first Children’s Hospital in Kenya, Africa. The cause name is Shoe4Africa. The premise is that by sending shoes to people who do not have them you can help stop the spread of disease. The charity goes further than this with the goal of raising 15,000,000 to build the first Children’s hospital in Kenya, Africa. If 1.5 million people donate $10 we can get this hospital built.

At the end of the keynote, which also included some other celebs Anthony sent out his 1st (really his second) tweet. He grew from a few followers to over 400 in one day alone. Checking his twitter stream right now and he’s been really getting the hang of it. I have huge respect for Anthony and so I waited till he was all finished being interviewed and photographed with a number of people and I gave him my card and told him that I’d follow him on twitter and I also gave him an Xshot. During the panel Anthony mentioned that part of the project was to give some African people Flip cameras to record their lives and speak about the issues affecting them. I knew that an Xshot would be the perfect companion for this project so I gave him one and he was excited about the use of it. Later I used my Xshot to take the photo above.

So much more happened today and it is now 2:00am Vegas time. I’m going to head for bed. Recap of Day 3 will be coming tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Anthony Edwards, Xshot and Shoe4Africa”

  1. I watched Er and know who Anthony Edwards is. That is awesome he was nice enough to take a picture with you and his cause in Kenya sounds really cool. I hope with him speaking at Blog World he was able to get his message out to all of the people. Thanks again for sharing another great post and recap from BWE09.
    .-= Look at what Rob wrote blog ..Sunday MckLinky Edition =-.

    1. Rob,
      Thank you. Anthony was very personable. I really was moved by what he had to say.

      I have yet to really recap anything from yesterday other than a tiny nuggett from the keynote session however, more to come.

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