Anticipating Time to Play

Photo-A-Day #2360

More toy photos because Time to Play is just a couple of days away. I have a desk full of toys at work. My co-workers are always making quips about bringing there kids in to run amuck among my toys. I do have a regular toy shop on my desk. Transformers, HeroClix,Thundercats, G.I. Joe, Green Lantern, Squinkies (Marvel ones) and more.

The other day it was rainy and a Friday so we let Eva watch a movie. Since How to Train Your Dragon is not On Demand anymore I decided that we would try out Toy Story 3. This was a gamble because Toy Story 3 has a really traumatic ending and we were worries how Eva would handle it especially after how she handled seeing The Lion King in 3D, or rather in 3D without glasses because she was too scared to put them on.

The funny thing is that today I received a review copy of The Lion King on Blu-Ray and DVD. Eva saw a commercial for The Lion King on TV and told Allison that she LOVED the movie (she did not) and wanted to watch it again but not at night. Later she found the Blu-Ray and wanted to watch it. I’m not sure we can handle the emotional upheaval of having to explain that Mufasa was dead to her again. It was so sad in the theater when Mufasa dies and Simba nuzzles up with him, Eva asked me if he was sleeping, I said no, is he napping, I said no. I told her that he was dead. She started to cry it was really tough because I was already crying myself. She was sitting on my lap at the time and I was hugging her. The poor kid has already been exposed to so many people dying already and so much so that she’s asking about Heaven often. She often says that she doesn’t want to go to Heaven because she doesn’t want to leave the kitties. I love that kid.

So, back to Toy Story 3. she really liked the movie and didn’t really get to upset by the ending and all the fire. I think it might have been a much more traumatic event for parents because we know all about the movies and see the more subtle connections in the movie. For Eva she just knows that her favorite character, Jessie is in the movie. She even ran upstairs (she had me pause the TV, she loves that feature) and got her two Jessie dolls and her Woody doll to come and watch the movie. It was fun for us to watch together.

Eva and I do enjoying shows and movies together. I received a bunch of screeners from PBS for shows like Dinosaur Train, Wild Kratts, The Cat in the Hat and Sid the Science Kid. These are for episodes that are Halloween themed and will be airing later in the month of October. We watched one episode of Wild Kratts this morning. I like this show, it teaches kids about animals in a fun and entertaining way. There is a fun mix of animation and live action too. I’ll be posting about all the episodes in the coming weeks. I look forward to sharing these together with Eva.

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