App Review: My Name is Dug

My Name is Dug

I had heard so many good things about the movie Up, so I rented it. While it was good the first 10 minutes were so sad that it sort of made the rest of the movie a downer for us. One of the bright spots of the movie was the talking dog named Dug. He was one of the funnier characters in the movie. Well, Dug is the star of this new Disney app called My Name is Dug. It is a cute tale of Dug as he tries to find the bird for his master. You are asked to come along and help Dug out.

The story is engaging because Dug repeated asks the reader if they have seen the bird. It is great for kids because they can see the bird running around avoiding Dug the whole time. It makes kids laugh at all the silly things that Dug says and does while he is so oblivious to the bird. Observant adults will see the flying house land in the background while the story is going on so this story is a sort of, “What Dug was doing before he meets Carl and Russell” story.

Got squirrels? You may recall in Disney·Pixar’s acclaimed 3D computer-animated film Up there is a dog named Dug, who wears a special collar that allows him to speak. Well, the story continues with this lovable canine in Disney Publishing’s newest app: UP: My name is Dug!

Building off of the Academy Award winning film’s story, UP: My name is Dug follows Dug on a new adventure, which requires the help of young readers to complete his quest. In this fully interactive app featuring the original voices from the movie, Dug introduces readers to his world in the wilds of the jungle with an endearing naïveté. The app features two reading modes for different skill levels and original music, creating an immersive and fun-filled reading experience for kids!

UP: My name is Dug is available for $1.99 on iPad only.

Disclosure: We were given the download code to try out UP: My Name is Dug. Opinions of the app are 100% my own.

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