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Photo-A-Day #2326

On the walls of the offices where I work there is art. There is a lot of art. It ranges from some really bizarre things to some very cool things. Some people vehemently hate some of the art pieces and others love them. Art of course is very subjective. I like what I like but can’t really tell you why I like something. I also dislike what I dislike and that I can tell you. This piece I sort of like because of the colors and lines and how it is partially 3D. So, while looking for something to shoot today I choose this. I was going to post the photo of my co-worker racked out asleep in his chair but he has photos of me asleep so I figure, why start something, but it is a great photo.

Today, instead of just going home and going to sleep as I should have done… I instead crept into the house quietly because Allison and Eva were asleep and if I went upstairs I’d hit every creak in those steps and surely wake them up. So I instead watched an episode of the new Thundercats show on the DVR. I caught the beginning and then feel asleep and woke up at the end. A cat nap if you will. Sorry, had to be punned.

Allison and Eva woke up and I started moving some of the more extraneous stuff out of the dining room in an attempt to find the box that contained some Seagate hard drives, my podcasting mic and my Kodak PlayTouch and mic. I was unsuccessful in finding that box but I cleared more things to make it easier for Allison to get at some of the boxes in that room. She’s going to go through that room a bit more and empty out some more boxes.

Again I probably should have gone to sleep but instead went to see my friends at the Southern New England Media Makers at Morin’s. I am now mere minutes from that location so it makes getting there and back a snap. I hung out with the group for an hour and then headed home by way of Big Lots where I bought a shovel and some lawn cleanup bags and a few things for my trip to Affiliate Summit tomorrow.

I got home and cleaned up a little bit in the front of the house (broken half barrel planter) and then finally crawled into bed. I found my Terry Goodkind book The Naked Empire and read about a page and a half of it before I passed out solid for four and a half hours. I swear, reading a tiny bit before sleep always makes me sleep so much better. And furthermore as much as I love, love love technology I’d rather read a physical book than an iPad because my iPad in the Otterbox would completely smash my nose and that wouldn’t help me sleep.

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