At the Trail’s End #DrivingMatters

At Trails End
Photo-A-Day #3994

On my last day of the #DrivingMatters adventure I got up after a great night of sleep in the Bottle Room of Irene’s Adobe. This was part of the 29 Palms Inn. Irene’s Adobe consists of three parts, the Adobe then the Bottle Room and The Darkroom. Irene was an artist and the building boasts many unique touches including a great courtyard where we were able to gather last night and do an awards ceremony where one person even went home with a brand new Napoleon Grill, I think that Mike, The Gentleman Racer, won that. We also enjoyed a nice meal at the 29 Palms Inn restaurant and then watched part of the movie Vacation. But this morning it was about packing up and getting on the road. I had a long day and night ahead of me. I was heading home.

Josh took me back to the airport and we had another great conversation. It was so nice to get to know so many great people on this trip. They were excellent travel companions and adventurers. After the vlog I have a couple of images, that were taken by Heather, and links out to my fellow #DrivingMatters travelers.

I admit it, I was pretty tired on the last day and just wasn’t into taking any more photos. I saw a few things and took those, like the one of the car in front of Irene’s Adobe but other things I asked Heather if she’d take photos of me. There was this great old truck on the grounds and I wanted a photo of me in the truck.

An Old Truck

And I loved the Bottle Room, it was just something so relaxing. I asked Heather to take my photo while I sat our front. I could have sat their all day.

At the Bottle Room

Please visit my travel companions. They are a great group of people who also included Josh from DriveShop. James, Heather and Josh really made the trip work and we all enjoyed how much they did for us to make it a great time. You can see my other adventurers over at the Mazda #DrivingMatters Exploring The Desert page.

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