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Get Your Own Little Earth Celestial Buddy

Celestial Buddies - Mars

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00510

I was offered my own Celestial Buddy for free to check out and review. I choose Mars because that is where I hope to see us go next.

It has been an out of this world ride for one plush little Earth from Celestial Buddies. Back in March a plush Earth toy from Celestial Buddies was launched with Crew Dragon to the International Space Station. It quickly captured the hearts and minds of children everywhere and also those young at heart. Now, Little Earth is coming home with the crew on today’s launch. Full details of the journey are in the press release below.

We will watch the live feed of the launch with the kids in a couple of hours and I truly hope that they will feel a sense of wonder at the possibilities by watching this historic launch. This is the first time a space ship will launch Americans into Space from America. The next step would be to go back to The Moon but ultimately a journey to Mars. So that is why I choose the Mars Celestial Buddy, that and Aries is my sign.

The plush is adorable and has a special tag that tells facts about the red planet. I think that a toy like this makes the idea of space more accessible to a child at a young age and plus, it is an adorable plush! I have added some of my affiliate links below so that you can orders your own if you are so inclined.

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Quarantine Cut – Andy’s Turn

Quarantine Cut

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00509

Andy’s hair has gotten super long during the quarantine and he’s been askling for a mohawk. I started out trying to give him one and ended up in my office wanting to be left alone by everyone.

When I was a kid Mr. Manzaro would give all of the boys a whiffle. That was a complete buzz cut with the clippers. He’d line us up bing, bang boom and we were all done. Then the dog got his turn. He had some major clippers.

I was using the small clippers that I have for small personal grooming like my beard and sideburns, when I used to have them. The clippers aren’t really for the whole head but there was enough of a charge to do Andy’s head. Besides, I tried to find an actual clipper set and that was as scare as toilet paper.