Awesome Guy Blogger

Awesome Guy Blogger

So, my online buddy Mark Eccleston of Green Fingered Photographer has awarded me with an honor of Awesome Guy Blogger. That is a pretty sweet title. Mark is one of those guys who is truly passionate about his photography and his blogging. He’s also here every week leaving me the best comments about my photography. He’s been an inspiration and a friend. Also Mark has a 2008 calendar that he is selling. I got mine yesterday, order yours today. There are a few Guy Bloggers who have also been worthy of that title of Awesome Guy Blogger.

First that comes to mind is Scott at ScottPot and the Wallhogs blog. This guy approached me out of the blue and told me he liked my photos and wanted to put them on the Wallhogs blog. That is pretty awesome!

There is also Trevor Carpenter of Trevor and He’s a pretty awesome guy and he is blogging and taking great photos and is also an inspiration to me.

There is also Kevin Dixie who created FuelMyBlog and London to LaRochelle He is also a man of awesomeness.

And Bob at is also one funny awesome guy blogger.

And Eddie who is Mister Nashville is an awesome guy blogger out doing awesome things.

Stephen the Dog is also awesome but he is a dog. Once I get an award to give out to canine bloggers he gets one too.

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10 thoughts on “Awesome Guy Blogger”

  1. Thank you, Drew, you the man, dude.


    p.s. I am still waiting on the Swamble Swag. As soon as I/we get it in, I will send some your way, sir. Take care, Drew, thanks again!

  2. Hey, that is awesome that you received that award. 🙂 I think you deserve it because you are an awesome guy blogger (and photographer!). Congratulations!

  3. While Stephen is obviously a guy dog, he snubbed me at last year’s Stephen awards and that was at a time when I was one of his only O.D.D. (Online Digital Diary) compatriots.

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