Ayyy! You Want Me to Fix Your Can-Am?

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I’m a big fan of the Spyder Can-Am Roadster. I was excited to see that Transformers put one of them out for the Movie line. I love how this bike looks and have wanted to road test one for some time. They even looked for super fans and bloggers a year or so ago. I wish I had known about it and would have certainly tried to go for that.

The LEGO minifig line Series 6 has a mechanic figure, looks much like a mechanic from the fifties. He looks a bit like The Fonz and so I could see him as the mechanic for the Can-Am.

Been thinking a lot about motorcycles lately. With gas prices heading towards $5.00 a gallon I figure I could save a ton if I commuted to and from work on a motorcycle. I’ve got my eyes on a Hyosung GV650 Avitar. I’m looking at the used models and they are under $5,000.00. I used to have a smaller bike and I miss it. Would like to get back in the saddle.

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