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Photo-A-Day #2399

Today Allison, Eva and I went up to New Hampshire. Eva stayed with our friend Sherrie while we went to a funeral. We were there for the funeral of Allison’s friend Tina. Tina was a very sweet woman who went to Saint Paul’s School with her. When we lived in New Hampshire we saw her more often but Allison and Tina wrote to each other when they could. Her passing was unexpected and very sad. Hearing more about her life through her husband was so touching and sweet. We are so sorry for Tina’s family’s loss.She will be missed.

Because we were up in Manchester in the afternoon I figured we would go to Saint Anselm College to have lunch. It has been 10 years since I worked at the college and fifteen years since I graduated. I missed the reunion this year but got to the campus in my 15th year out. Eva enjoyed the campus and having lunch in the Dining Hall. As we drove along around the campus I told Eva about all the buildings I lived in and places I worked. Eva even said that she’d like to go to college there. I think she might have an in because she charmed the heck out of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Joe Horton. But that was later.

We enjoyed the lunch and then drove up to Alumni Hall. there we went to the Dean of Students Office to see if we could visit with some of the folks that we knew. No one was there at that time but were expected back in a little while so we went over to the Coffee Shop to get some dessert. A brownie sundae split three ways. We ran into Father Jerome there and caught up with him, we used to work together in the PR office. Then we popped into the Bookstore to poke around.

We went back over to the Dean of Students office and had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Horton and Dean Litz. I haven’t seen those guys in years. I used to be a Residence Hall Director when I worked at Saint A’s and while I was a student I was a Resident Assistant. For six years we had lunches together and training sessions and more. I really enjoyed my time at the college and all the friends I made there. So, being back and chatting and catching up was great. We had such a nice visit.

Eva was such a charmer. she got some paper from Joe’s assistant and drew him a story. Told him that he has to put it in his bedroom on his nightstand and read it before bed. They counted out coins in her purse together and Joe gave Eva his card with a drawing of a lion on the back. Told her that his number was on it. Eva read off the number perfectly (charmer) and on the way out she told him that she’d call him later tonight and tomorrow morning. She kept asking us all the way home when she could call. I love that kid.

While I was walking around campus I posted a few photos on Facebook and that got some major conversation going. Friends who went to the college did some reminiscing of their own. They had me in stitches.

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