Backup, no worries, sign me up…

You have no doubt noticed that I’ve been having some computer problems lately and I do not have a good contingency plan with my laptop. I have a hard time remembering to back up everything that I need to backup on my computer. So what happens when the computer that I am working on completely craps out today? I have no clue, but it won’t be pretty.

Today I learned about Rebit and removable disk backup. This device is a USB drive that you connect to your computer and it continuously backs up your computer. You don’t have to do anything other than plug it in to get that security. There are Rebits from 80 – 500GB. You only need one that is the same size as your hard drive. The 80GB one would be perfect for my laptop because my laptop is only a 60GB drive.

You might notice that the price of a Rebit is slightly more expensive than an external drive. So you might think to yourself, I could just buy an external drive and do my backups myself. I have to ask, Really? There are so many times when I think to myself, “Hey, I haven’t remembered to back up my data in a while, I should do that.” Then I don’t do the backup right away and more time goes by, my data is not safe. Backing up data takes time, valuable time that you could spend doing other things. With a Rebit you do not have to do anything other than plug it in. The Rebit does it all. And if you take your laptop on the road and leave your Rebit at home when you return Rebit will catch up.

And Rebit not only saves the most recent version of your files, it saves all versions so you will not lose files to edits. And Rebit never fills up because when it gets close to capacity Rebit removes the oldest unnecessary files. This is probably one of the most comprehensive products for backup that I have ever seen or heard of.

What happens if your computer does crash? With Rebit you can use the software CD to load up your backup very easily. You can pick the exact point to use to restore your files. The more I read this website, the more it makes perfect sense to have a Rebit device watching over my computer. This would give me piece of mind as it would make sure that precious things like Eva’s photos, blog backups and other files are not lost.

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