Backyard Clean-up Part #5

Tonight, Tara, Dad and I worked on adding more pieces of fence to the backyard. Dad rented another machine, a small compact excavator. The excavator had a small plow on the front and a big scoop on the front. There are two rubber treads and the machine moved a complete 360. It moved alot smoother than the backhoe but it was much smaller and there were no stabilizers so it shook alot more. Dad drove the excavator most of the time because he used it this morning at a job and had lots of practice on it. Tara and I got the posts and fence panels and we all worked on getting the fence up and level and nice and straight. We still have to spread the rest of the loam over the backyard and their is the part of the fence that is around a very large tree that my Dad needs to piece in but we are coming along with the backyard clean-up. I should be getting up the photos soon.

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