Bakerella Inspired Birthday Cake Pops with Auntie Shelby

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Today was my sister Shelby’s birthday and she spent part of her day making cake pops with Eva. I received an advanced copy of the new Bakerella inspired toy set for making Cake Pops. This is a very fun set for people who want to make cake pops. Cake pops are made from cake and frosting and then covered in candy. From there the possibilities are as limited as your imagination. The set includes a bunch of great tools like a cake grater, molds with various shapes and a drying rack for finished cake pops.

Bakerella's Ultimate Cake Pop Set

I started the morning by baking a yellow cake to get ready for the day. Then we waited for the milk man to arrive with another dozen eggs so I could bake the second cake (I only had 3 eggs). The great thing about making cake pops is that it doesn’t matter what the cake looks like because it is going to be shredded and mixed with frosting and covered, then it needs to look nice.

The Ultimate Cake Pop Set

So with the cakes baked I washed all the materials from the Bakerella Ultimate Cake Pop Set. Eva was itching to get going and make the cake pops but she had to wait a few more hours because Auntie Shelby was going to arrive around noon. But, when she arrived we dived right in.

Shredding the Cake!

There are a lot of steps involved in making Cake Pops, even simple ones. First is baking the cake, cleaning the materials and then letting things cool down and rest. Once that is done it is time to grate the cake, I say shred.

More Shredding

Creating the mixture of cake and frosting is fun. It is also something very easy for kids to do with the cake grater and then mixing bowl that it fits onto perfectly. Shelby and Eva shredded through two whole cakes easily.

Shredding with Auntie Shelby

Once the cake is shredded and mixed with the frosting then it is time to roll out some cake balls.

rolling cake balls

Take the rolled cake balls and then either put them into the fridge for a couple hours or into the freezer for about 15 minutes. So once the yellow cake was shredded and rolled into balls they were put into the freezer so Eva and Shelby could shred the chocolate cake and make the chocolate cake balls.

chocolate cake balls

The Ultimate Cake Pop Set comes with a small platter that you can use to put a dozen cake balls on to rest. Then you can take those cake balls and place them into the shaped molds. There are four shapes with the set, sphere, square, cone and cupcake. We opted to make Cake Pop Cupcakes and Cake Pop Birthday Hats. The molds are great for little hands and for people who don’t want to get frustrated trying to make exotic shapes.

Molding cupcake Cake Pops

Once all the shaped balls are chilled again then it is time to go and try and cover them with melted candy. This is where things get really, really tricky. The tricky thing is that we were making them on a hot humid day and we rushed things a bit because Auntie Shelby did have to leave for birthday dinner with Uncle Tim. But Shelby and Eva gave it their best shot.

Decorating Cake Pops

The chocolate flavored candy melted much better than the pink and purple vanilla flavors. I don’t know why but they didn’t melt as well at all. I think that the next time that we use the set we try and make smaller batches, put the batter in fridge for the max time and above all wait till this humid summer is over and done with. In the meantime we’ll enjoy these cake pops and cake balls because they were very tasty despite the candy coating mishaps.

decorated cake pops

The Bakerella Ultimate Cake Pop set is a very good toy for kids and parents to use to make cake balls together. Eva had a fantastic time bonding with her Auntie on her birthday. They both made tasty fun and good looking treats. The set is going to be at Toys ‘R Us in September and will retail for $19.99 with extra mold sets at $7.99. The set is for ages 5 and up, but we figured that Eva was just close enough to enjoy it and be able to make the cake pops as well. I think it is a very good value for the money. Throw in a copy of Bakerella’s New York Times bestseller Cake Pops and that will make any budding baker very, very happy.

Shelby and Eva making cake pops

Disclosure: I received a copy of the Bakerella Ultimate Cake Pops Set to review. Opinions of the set are 100% my own and as I observed from my sister and wife and daughter.

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