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Review: Beware the TerraSect

TerraSect and Controller

I was asked to review this crazy spinning, rolling and attacking wheeled insect called the TerraSect. This is from The Alpha Group US and I received ti free to play with and review. Opinions are my own.

The TerraSect is a three segmented remote controlled Insect that can curl up into a ball and continue to roll along. The front has one two wheels that provide the power and the speed. It is a speedy toy. The rear has a single wheel that is on a swivel so that you can turn and slide and even drift a bit, that may have been the floor I was driving on through. I whipped it around and around and the back end would slide almost into a 360.

TerraSect Ball

The TerraSect cannot be stopped. If you happen to roll it into a ball and it falls to its side and can no longer roll just hit the button to transform it and it will right itself. That may take one or two times transforming but I was not stopped while I used it. I was able to get it rolling along. I did find that If I wanted the TerraSect to roll as a ball then I had to get it going pretty fast and straight. I made the mistake of trying to turn it right before transformation and it careened out of control. It was a lot of run to roll around and you can see some of that in my review video below. After that I have more details on the toy and an Amazon affiliate link to where you can buy one for yourself.

Terrasect flat


Experience truly innovative radio control action with the TerraSect by The Alpha Group US! Making Walmart’s Top Toys for Holiday 2018 chosen by kids, this green, insect-like design and glowing, red eyes the TerraSect strikes fear into the hearts of its prey. The TerraSect’s RELENTLESS ROLLING ATTACK will give even the most advanced drivers hours of play, indoor or outdoor! Once you reach top-speed, simply hit the trigger button to initiate the roll! If the TerraSect flips over, it can flip itself back over; No need to right by hand! Its tough build allows it to jump, tumble and roll over most terrain. How can you time your rolling attacks just right to create awesome stunts? 2.4 GHZ Control. TerraSect runs on 4xAA Batteries and 3xAAA for controller (not included). Measures 13.8” long. Available at Walmart, Target, Amazon!

Wild Transformation: From vehicle to ball, back to vehicle again with easy to use trigger button

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • 2.4 GHZ Control
  • Drives as vehicle mode super-fast!
  • RELENTLESS ROLLING ATTACK: TerraSect can flip itself back over and keep on going!
  • Light Up Eyes
  • TerraSect runs on 4xAA Batteries and 3xAAA for controller (not included)
  • Ages 6+, SRP $34.99

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