Big Beautiful Dogs

Photo-A-Day #2322

Allison, Eva and I went down to the Cape today to visit with Mem and Grandfather. We also saw some of our longtime friends Sister Bernadette, Fr. Felix and Jerry. It was nice to catch up with them and see how they were doing. We enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach complete with lots of time in the water. Eva didn’t want to get too far in at first because it was a little chilly but eventually she made her way into the water without problem. Then we couldn’t get her out.

We had a nice cookout with the family and Sr. and Fr. When we were leaving my parent’s friends Kim and Joe came by with their two beautiful Great Danes. Eva loves animals and she pet the dogs. Then Kim asked if she could get a picture of Eva and the dogs. I snapped this while she was getting her photo.

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    1. Mo,

      She wasn’t quite sure what to make of the dogs but she does love animals. She’ll be at least up to their heads next year.

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