Bill and Jen’s Wedding

Yesterday my cousin Bill married his fiance Jen in Keene, NH. Allison and I stopped in Fitchburg to visit Bob and Jackie for lunch before we continued up to Keene. The wedding was very nice and the ceremony very moving. I used the new camera to tape most of it.

After the wedding we went down to Rindge to the reception at Hidden Hills. The whole family was there. We got to see all of my Aunts and Uncles. Dinner was great with some sweet dinner rolls, (they were actually sweet). Lots of dancing and excitement. And Aunt Carol made the cake, my favorite kind of cake ever because it has the best frosting ever. I’ll have some pictures up soon.

Bill and Jen leaving the church
The Mother/Son dance Carol with Bill
The Wedding Cake, So good get me a glass of milk and I’m all set.

There are no pictures of Allison and I yet because there were none on my camera, (I haven’t shown anyone how to use it yet) but I’ll have to get the pictures from mom’s camera to put up. Gotta show everyone how beautiful Allison looked that evening.

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