Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl
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Today we had every new parent’s right of passage, the 1st birthday party. The 1st birthday party is that one where everyone is invited and everyone wants to come. It is the party where the baby gets to try cake for the 1st time and lots of fun and cute things happen. Eva was no different, she charmed everyone who came to visit and enjoyed the heck out of her cake and ice cream. Our house was packed to standing room only.

The party started at 1:00 and we filled the place with aunts, uncles, cousins, kids, babies, sisters, brothers, friends and grandparents. At 1:30 we got the pizza delivery. Pizza and cake was the easiest thing to do, because pizza can be eaten standing up and the wide variety of toppings makes there something for everyone. We also had a couple of salads as well.

After lunch we put Eva in her high chair and brought out the cake. We got a Winnie the Pooh cake form BJ’s, they make some nice cakes and decorate them well. At first Eva was more about cookies than cake and pushed the cake away. Allison tried a different tack and gave her some ice cream instead. For ice cream I picked up Hoodsie cups. So much easier than scooping ice cream. Plus, They’re Hoodsie Cups!

We had a wonderful day and Eva was a star of the show. She’s actually still up right now, we think she might be cutting a tooth, of course she’s gotten her second, sugar high, wind.

Here are a bunch more photos from her 1st birthday party.

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  1. Carol,
    Thanks very much. She’s really enjoyed both of her little parties, but I think that is mostly because of the cake. 🙂

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