Blame it on Rio

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We are in Vegas! And we are exhausted. We had a late afternoon flight that actually got us to Vegas 45 minutes EARLY! Way to go SouthWest Airlines. But we were still pretty exhausted so we got a shuttle to the hotel, checked in and went to bed. Yeah, we are that cool.

Our flight was a good one. Both Allison and I had some distractions for the 6 hour trip. I recieved a free download from around Christmas and rather than waste it I used the download rental feature for UnBox.

If you download a movie to your computer you have 30 days to watch the rental. Once you start actually playing the rental you have 48 hours to watch it. I rented Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We missed it in the theater and we wanted to watch it. This was one of the books I just wasn’t as familiar with but the movie was pretty decent. I see that the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) is now up. I’ve always enjoyed the Harry Potter movies and the films have been pretty decent too. I think we will rent and download another movie for the flight home.

While not watching the movie Allison kept busy watching some knitting podcasts and I went through many of the podcasts I watch like and Wine Library TV. I also read a bit of magazine and FeedFront Magazine and Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini on my Kindle. Dr. Cialdini is one of the keynote speakers for Affiliate Summit West! I hope to meet him and see if he will sign my Kindle.

It was tough leaving Eva but we know that she is in good hands: my sisters. Eva’s already pulled some substitute teacher tricks and convinced them that it was Halloween. Shelby sent me this photo

From Drop Box

and Tara sent me this one.

From Drop Box

We recieved them when we got off the plane and they made us smile with the fun that she is having. When Shelby arrived she brought with her a pair of pajamas for Eva to ease her into the sleepover party that she was going to have with Shelby and Tara this weekend. Not that Eva needed to be eased into anything, she adores my sisters and we love it because Eva will probably be potty trained, and halfway through her dissertation by the time we get home.

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