Blanket Forts and Bird Bingo

Blanket Fort

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00476

If you are a reader of my daughter’s blog (for family and friends only) she has gone over much of what I am going to write about today. Eva has been keeping a daily blog called Quarantine Daily and a larger weekly post called, you guesses it, Quarantine Weekly. She started this all on her own for friend and family. Today’s post from her covered pretty much everything I am going to cover here.

We are on School Vacation Week this week and as such the kids have had some big plans. They have wanted to make a blanket fort in the living room for such a long time. Today they got to do so. They hung out in that almost all da with frequent stops to do other things. We started growing some crystals, Eva sewed a skirt from a pattern that she found online. Both Allison and Eva have been getting tons of mileage out of Grandma Eva’s singer sewing machine. Allison have been cranking out all sorts of masks for people. She’s bought a ton of material and is making many many masks. Eva has made some masks but now she wanted to make a skirt. She had material that wasn’t fit for the masks so she turned that into a skirt.

For our Evening’s entertainment we had a surprise delivery of pizza courtesy of Auntie Tara and Uncle Erik. They also shipped us a copy of Bird Bingo. They did the same for my sister Shelby and her family. So, we all ate dinner together, including my parents and then we played Bird Bingo. Mom and Dad dropped off for that part. The kids not only got to play a fun game through Zoom, they learned a thing or two about many different birds.

Bird Bingo

We were eating pizza and I was drinking a Fiesty Cherry Diet Coke. I’ve been having a little bit of acid reflux or heartburn or something lately and pizza with pepperoni doesn’t help. However when I drink something it usually calms it a bit. The thing was, every time I drank my throat and stomach felt hotter. I had put on some habanero spice on the cheese pizza and figured that was working overtime but that wasn’t the issue. I finally looked closer at the Feisty Cherry Diet Coke and found out what it was “Feisty”. It was a Cherry-Chili Diet Coke. Now, when I am feeling less acid-y I would LOVE something like this. I honestly did not know why they called it Feisty when I bought it, it is something that really appeals to me, too. Everyone got a laugh about that when I explained.

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