Blog of the Day #2…

This blog was nominated as Blog of the Day today at I was nominated by?? And by being made blog of the day I get to pick the next Blogger for Blog of the Day. I searched through the hundreds of sites on and came up with The posts there are wacky and off beat and I like them a lot. I will be enjoying reading that blog in the future.

Don’t forget to sign up with to be listed on the Great Wall of Blogs. And also don’t forget to check the site daily as it will be re-launching with an all new design in a little while. And when the site relaunches you can easily vote for the Blog of the Day to be featured. I saw a sneak peek at what you can do with the new site and it is incredible. I mean it. I’ve been blogging about this site for some time now and I really enjoy what has been done. I think you will enjoy it too.

This is titled Blog of the Day #2 because I was the first Blog of the Day back when started that feature. I’m honored to have been chosen again.

If you get a chance please Digg this story so we can get the word out about‘s re-launch.

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