Blog World Expo Day 2

Blog World Expo Day 2
Photo-A-Day #1262 – Mike Shinoda

Blog World Expo Day 2 started off by me getting to the convention hall at 7:00am so I could get some blogging done. Last night I wrote my posts and edited my videos. Today I uploaded those posts and videos. It worked really well overall. I’ve been a day off on my Photo-A-Day and I don’t like that but I still took photos each and every day.

Later Ted Murphy and David Brim showed up and we hung out and blogged. I still find it so funny sitting next to someone who is responding to your comments on their blogs and sending you twitters in between actually talking with you.

Then it was time for the Keynote and this was a really good one in my opinion except for the fact that it was 15 later than it should have been and therefore ran over by 15 minutes. The panel this morning consisted of Rohit Bhargava, Timothy Ferriss and Mike Shinoda of the band Linkin Park. Mike Shinoda and Timothy Ferris were excellent speakers I found that I really got a lot out of what Mike had to say and I will probably purchase Timothy’s Book the 4 Hour Work Week.

The rest of the day I ran around and did interviews with people from many of the different services and blogs. I even did one with Ted Murphy that had me nearly pee myself. He cracks me up. I did go to two sessions but the sessions didn’t offer me much today. I enjoyed more going to all the booths and talking with people. So now that I am headed back to the hotel I need to make sure I can get a bag to bring back all my new swag.

Tomorrow my friend Heather will give me a ride to the airport. She is awesome. I took a video of her grabbing money from the Market Leverage Cashinator. I She got $17. I ended up with $10 myself, so almost enough for a 24 ticket on the monorail. Sweet.

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