Blogging: A Money-making Hobby

From time to time I take Guest Posts from different writers. Today Jennifer Bell is going to write about making money blogging. A topic I know a little about and have had some success with over the years.

Blogging: A Money-making Hobby

Why have so many turned to blogging? Why have so many decided that blogging will be their means of supplementing their income? More importantly, why have so many decided to lay claim to their own business where minimal overhead and low costs are the rule of the day? Well, the fact is, blogging is quite simply the easiest way to start your own internet business and because it requires minimal investment, everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Some see their blogging as their primary source of income, some see it as a pastime and hobby and yet others see it as a way to pay some of their bills. However, is it as simple as just starting a blog and watching the money roll in? Is someone guaranteed that once they start a blog, that it will bear fruit?

Is Blogging Revenue Guaranteed?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. In fact, like anything worth doing, blogging takes time, patience, practice and perseverance. Yes, money can be made blogging, but to assume that it’s easy, would be a serious error in judgment. One simply can’t assume that blogging is a guarantee of future wealth. How hard is blogging? Well, when one considers that almost 9 out of 10 blogs fail, or are abandoned by their owner, it’s pretty fair to assume that blogging isn’t all that easy. So, why do some fail where others succeed?

Secret to Success

To answer this aforementioned question means to understand the passion needed for blogging to be successful. One must have the will and drive to share what they know with those willing to listen, or in this case, read. For blogging to succeed means it must be enjoyable for the blogger and the reader. The blogger must derive some satisfaction from the action of sharing their ideas, opinions, concerns and beliefs. In this case, most successful blogs start out by asserting their passion for their subject matter. The author’s passion is definitive, quantifiable and relatable. Visitors can sense that drive and interest on the part of the blogger and can easily decipher who is ultimately in it for a quick buck and who is committed to their subject matter.

Importance of Long-Term Commitment

Blogs that do well are ones that are in it for the long-haul. While it’s not imperative that one update the blog every day, it is ideal to be committed to a schedule of updating that blog. A good rule of thumb is to update that blog at least once a week. More is better and if you can update it daily, then all the power to you. Define your commitment and stick to your plan.

Start first with your passion. Commit to long-term goals and be consistent in updating your blog. Finally, when looking to earn revenue from your blog, explore your options and be open to using multiple revenue sources. Blogging can work if, and only if, one starts with a passion for their subject matter.

This guest article was contributed by Jennifer Bell from Health Training Guide. Jennifer is a freelance writer and mother of 2 based in Los Angeles, CA. Check out her site to learn more about medical administrative assistant training and other exciting health careers.

Above photo credit: Cheon Fong Liew

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9 thoughts on “Blogging: A Money-making Hobby”

  1. Most people don’t end up making money from blogging but get perks.

    The #1 problem I see is bloggers not being professional when they are hired. It’s vital to post quickly and do a good job being aware of your audience (readers) and the business objectives of the people who hired you (to get traffic, links, brand awareness, etc).

    My blog Newspapergrl helped launch my consulting business. I’ve also made money from affiliate links or ads. It’s a B2B blog so it’s more about getting clients and selling my book.

    However, if you’re audience is not businesses, there are lots of opportunities to get paid once your blog is established. I’ve just gotten into this side more.

    Here are some ways to make money on your blog:

    Mom Spark Media – I just joined, so still learning, but works with larger brands.

    Broadcast Bloggers – just starting up, higher pay but not tons of jobs yet. I’m affiliated .

    Bucks2Blog – Also new. Pays $20 a post – they send you topics to write about, usually about 2 campaign a week. I’m affiliated.

    GigCoin – lower volume but instant pay!


    1. Janet,

      There are many other ways too to make money blogging. I have fallen into getting perks and getting paid over the years. Both have been satisfying in one way or another. I can certainly attest to consulting through my blog. That has been probably one of the most lucrative ways of making money for me.

  2. Without passion and long term commitment blogging venture will fail miserably. Planning and organizing daily, weekly and monthly blogging activities and laying term goal can really help a blogger to succeed online.

    Income is never guaranteed but there is no income bracket on how much you can earn online. You can earn as much as you want, based on how much effort blogger is putting in his/her Internet Marketing activity…
    Look at what John Winson wrote blog post ..Cash Renegade Review

    1. This is really true. It’s a sad fact that a lot of bloggers have failed not because they didn’t have a good blog, but because they gave up on it easily when they didn’t immediately get the results they were hoping for.

  3. I’ve also found that direct monetisation through ads is not necessarily the best return for the time needed to run a good blog. My Cannes news site gives me access to a lot of information, which in turn brings people – some of whom sign up to my list. The list is more useful than passing traffic I find. But I’m working within a very specific niche.
    Look at what Michael@Cannes News wrote blog post ..6 new destinations from Nice airport

  4. Great post Jennifer,

    You make some great points, so many blogs get left to rot it is amazing.
    People oftent think that the Internet (see: blogging, social media and SEO) are quick answers to business issues and just dont invest the time or the passion required. You have to be committed and you have to be in it for the long haul – the ROI doesn’t haappen overnight!
    Look at what Wayne Barker wrote blog post ..4 Quick Ideas For Blogging Inspiration

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