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Kick the Ball

Last night Allison and I took an overtired little Eva downtown to enjoy the annual Block Party. The Block Party is put on each year by the Downtown Association. There are vendors with various types of food and other items. We ran into Marc and Julie from the marriage prep course that we helped facilitate. They are Mona-Vie distributors and had a table. I was able to try the stuff for the first time. It was pretty good.

Classic Cars

We continued down the street to see the classic cars. While we were walking around Allison spotted some of the people that she brings Communion to each Monday at Madonna Manor. Allison and Eva have been volunteering to bring Communion to residents every Monday since Eva was in a baby sling. The residents love seeing Allison and Eva come by and visit them. So when Allison saw them out on the porch watching the crowds go by I said she should probably go say hello while I poke around and shoot the cars. When I get into photo mode it is very boring for Allison because I’ll stand and take 30 – 40 shots of a hubcap till I get the one I want. I really liked this motorcycle and the take off on the Patriots Logo. Very Kick Ass.

Much scarier Patriots logo.

After I was finished I collected Allison and Eva and we went for something to eat. I wanted a lobster roll (big letdown) and Allison got hot dogs for me and Eva and a burger for herself. I also got some fresh cut fries for us to share. We sat in the bank parking lot by the dunk tank and the wrestling ring. My lobster roll was from Fresh Catch Seafood and I thought I’d give them a try with their seafood despite my major letdown at the wingoff last year. I figured that they could get seafood right, right? Nope. Each bite of my lobster roll had a big chunk of cartilage. I was really disappointed.

Beach Volleyball and the Post Office

After our dinner we made our way down the street towards the beach volleyball court. That volleyball court was set up right in front of the Post Office. This was also across the way from the Town hall and the park in front of town hall. There in the park is a gazebo and they had entertainment for the kids. We saw some people that Allison knew from Swimming and it turned out that I knew them before she had. I was surprised to find someone that I knew from college who now lives in North Attleboro. We were catching up (and talking very spiritedly) and we were shushed. I felt bad because I hate it when people talk over the music when I’m trying to listen. But now I guess I can see how that can happen.

Throw it

We also caught up with my Aunt Corrine and Amanda Mae. Eva was so happy to run around with “nakey feet” on the grass and chase Amanda. They played around with an inflatable beach ball that Amanda brought and Eva claimed as her own. Sharing is still a weird concept for her.

Kick it!

We stayed there for a while and watched Ayla Brown perform at the Gazebo. Her dad Senator Scott Brown was there as her tech crew. Ayla invited the kids up to dance with her and I brought Eva up. She was interested for all of 2 seconds.

Ayla Brown at the Gazebo

There was much more to see.

We headed home and caught up with my sister Tara out in front of my Cousin Matt’s shop, The Preservation Framer. Tara was selling raffle tickets for The Friends of North Attleboro Animal Shelter. Matt and his business partner Rob were passing out balloons to all the kids. We had stopped by there earlier when we first came downtown and gotten one for Eva.

Across the way from the shop was a tent set up for The Julia Cekala Charitable Foundation. There I met Lynda Cekala, Julia’s mother. After Julia Passed away Lynda founded this foundation and it has given back so much for the local area. There is a beautiful playground at the World War I Memorial Park called Julia’s Garden and Playground. I took Eva there for the first time August 16th of last year. She loved the Butterfly shaped benches.

Butterfly Bench

Lynda was so nice and I told her that I was a blogger and I’d write something about the foundation and their fundraisers. I’ll be getting to that post soon. There is so much going on with all the great local charities.

The Julia Cekala Charitable Foundation

Specifically with The Julia Cekala Charitable Foundation they are working on an expansion to the park and it is going to include a beach area. It is going to be really beautiful. I can’t wait to see it.

In the end we headed home and got Eva into bed around 9:30. She’s going to be a bear today, I hope she naps.

I uploaded all my photos from the Block Party to the Downtown North Attleboro Block Party 2009 Gallery.

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8 thoughts on “Bonus Block Party Post”

  1. Hey Jeff,
    Did you make it over to the Block Party? Had I been thinking I would have tried to set up a tweetup or something.

  2. Jeff,
    Oh that is too bad. Look, there is going to be the Annual Wing off a week from Saturday (on August 8th) I’m headed to that with the family. It was an awesome time. And on August 22nd is the Bow Wow Meow Luau. More fun local stuff.

  3. For some reason, I’ve never managed to get a decent lobster roll outside of Maine. So now, I don’t order lobster at all unless we’re in Maine.

    Cartilage in a lobster roll, that is just nasty.

    Other than that.looks like you guys had a great time!
    .-= Look at what Christine wrote blog ..Memories…nawt sew gud, akshully! =-.

  4. Christine,

    Other than the lobster roll, yes we had a very nice time. I have been let down by that place more than once. No third try.

  5. Wow you are so busy and involved in so many things. Loved the photos! I bet Eva was super tired! I’ve never had a Lobster roll but then I live in Colorado, LOL.
    .-= Look at what Baba wrote blog ..Welcome to FeedBurner =-.

  6. Baba,
    I’m not that big a fan of the lobster roll, it was something I wanted at that moment, bad choice. My usual one day a year of lobster is coming up August 16th at the company picnic. That day I eat about 4 of them, if I can. There is so much food that day.

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