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Photo-A-Day #2328

Today was the second day of Affiliate Summit. I didn’t even mention that in last night’s post that I was at Affiliate Summit 2011. did I? Well I was. I took the train down into Penn Station. A friend of ours, who is a nun, in New York likes to say “And lead us not into Penn Station”. I like funny nuns. This photo is actually on the 7th Ave side of Penn Station looking North. I hasd plenty of time to wander around because my train had a close to 2 hour delay. But you know the great thing about the train, I could leave the station and come back when I wanted to. Train beats plane hands down. I love the train.

Yesterday when I arrived in New York I checked into my hotel and then went to my session called Affiliate Improv. I was there with some industry leaders and good friends, Wade Tonkin, Mike Buechele, Jenn Goode and Daniel M. Clark. We had a nice session that was well attended. People were fun and participated in what we were trying to convey and that was great. I think it is time to retire it though because there were copycat sessions happening, there certainly is room for it but I think it is time we develop the next thing. And I think we can do it.

Today was the second day of ASE11. I got up after a solid 7 hour sleep. I haven’t had one of those in forever! I went to an early morning whiteboard session that was being run by Eric Nagel. Eric is a super intellegent guy who can help anyone improve their sites for better conversions and visibility with insightful techniques.

I left that at 9am and met with reps from iStock Photo and Getty Images because I’ve signed on to be an affiliate with those programs. We discussed what I could do to incorporate their services into this blog. For me this process has to be authentic and organic. I don’t use stock photos because my site is all about the daily photos. But I can see the value of stock images for blog posts because the visual impact of images on a blog post is much more compelling than simply adding text. So, I am going to learn the ins and out fo stock photography usage and tell you about it. I’m also going to toy around with creating some stock images of my own and see about the submission process.

I then had some breakfast and way too much bacon for one man, god I love bacon. I chatted with my friend Greg Hoffman, a friend and a fellow internet marketer who is trying to shed some pounds. Well, at least we had solidarity in our love for bacon.

I attended a session that was on social media for beginners but it was useful and done by Joe Sousa and Micro Steph and moderated by Scott Jangro. I’ll have to get the link to the session and add it here.

Then it was time to have lunch, didn’t I just eat? I had lunch with Jim Kukral and Kim Ann Curtin. Kim has given me a camera that she found in a cab in an effort for me to try and find the owner. We’re going to work together through Social Media and try and track down the true owner. there are 244 images on the camera and I’m creating a couple of sets on Flickr and Picasa to attempt to get the word out there that the camera has been found. Don’t worry about someone who isn’t the true owner finding the camera, there is a very special identifier that I won’t be revealing that only the true owner can identify. Every effort will be made to find the owner.

Speaking of Kim Ann Curtin, my coach and friend, she gave her first session at Affiliate Summit and it was fantastic!!! Kim has such an amazing story and a way of telling stories that really resonated with people. I heard many people commenting on how good the session was and after the session people didn’t bolt for the doors. They hung around and they lined up to talk with Kim or give her a hug or thank her for her session. I was so happy to see her success. I recommended that she keynote in the future. I think she can do it.

After Kim’s session I went to the final session which was a Q&A with industry leaders. They answered questions from the audience and some prepared ones from MC extraodianrre, Jim Kukral.

I have to admit that during that session I was playing with TeleNav because I was mapping a walking route back to the train station and a restaurant called Brother Jimmy’s BBQ. I was meeting my friend Adam Cohen, @DadaRocks, there for dinner and conversation. Adam is a blogger and a friend. He’s been a huge help to me and has recommended me to some great opportunities. We talked over bacon wrapped meatloaf and frickles and even fried brussel sprouts. Time went by too quickly though and I had to get to my train, which ended up being delayed an hour and a half. Did you know that there was an earthquake on the eastern part of the US today. Some people said they felt it. Me, nope. But I did check into the mega swarm: EarthQuakepocalypse.

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