Build-able Birthday Cake

Photo-A-Day #2925

Allison and Eva made this LEGO cake for me for my birthday. Eva was so excited to show it to me and for me to have some to eat. She was so proud that she worked with Allison to help her make it. We enjoyed a few pieces of it once we returned home from Havana Cafe where we celebrated my birthday with a delicious lunch. My Dad joined with us and we had a celebratory meal in honor o my 39th birthday. The kids were wonderful and Andrew was funny.

Eva was acting a little strange and then towards the end of the meal she said that her ear hurt her. She complained about it the whole ride home. We called the doctor and Allison took her over to see him. Well, she has her first ear infection. She’s taking it in stride for the most part so far.

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2 thoughts on “Build-able Birthday Cake”

  1. I’m so sorry she’s not feeling well!!! She and Allison did an awesome job on your cake! I know how excited Eva was to show you:) I hope she feels better very soon!

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