Building Super Mario LEGO

Building Super Mario LEGO

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00606

Andy’s LEGO Super Mario LEGO starter set has arrived. He was very excited and built all of the sets that he has for Super Mario. In addition to the set that he bought I picked up two other sets for him to build and add to his Super Mario set. With them he can make bigger playsets for Mario to advance through. There are special bricks that make Mario do special things. The Mario unit can tell what color bricks he is on and he can do different things as he moves around the area. There are several other sets that he can get to add to this and then he can do even more. There are different outfits that you can put Mario in to allow him to do even more things. There are several suits that Mario can use including the Fire Suit, Cat Suit, Builder Suit and Propeller suit. When Mario puts these on he can do additional feats like collect more coins or shoot fire at the enemies. Eventually we’d like to add Bowser’s castle to the mix.

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