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Built from Bricks and Brick Island 2.0

Built from Bricks 2.0
Photo-A-Day 2.0 – #00010

For the past two years I have been working with my buddy Briant from Built from Bricks on a LEGO themed YouTube channel called Built from Bricks. We have done a show almost weekly. We’ve done all sorts of things in that time and now we are embarking on a new adventure. Brian has built a table for this LEGO city, Brick Island and we are going to begin filming a series of Brick Island 2.0 videos. In these videos we will take about all aspects of building and maintaining a LEGO city. We’ve begun already and I hope that people will follow us for the coming year. We want to get to 5000 subscribers by 2020. I think that is a doable goal since we have such an interesting and high quality show.

The Built from Brick’s Goal is very much like my Photo A Day Goal. But it will take 15 years for me to reach mine of 5000 consecutive photos. That’s how time works. I hope that it does not take that long for us to attract 5,000 subscribers.

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