Calming the Little Man

Photo-A-Day #2774

Andrew has been a bit difficult lately. He’s been screaming and crying and he doesn’t want to be held but at the same time he grabs for us like he does want to be held. He is up multiple times and won’t sleep. So, this afternoon to give Allison a little rest I took Andrew for a walk around the neighborhood. It was dusk and it was at that time of day when the light gets hard to see. This light also made looking at the stone statues at the end of the block very cool. They are lit up at night and I liked how the lights above the statue from today’s Photo-A-Day looked. So I stopped and snapped the photo.

It is off to NYC tomorrow for Activision’s Family Game Summit on Tuesday. The event is hosted by Soleil Moon Frye and can be seen online at No one is sending us on this trip I just love games like Skylanders and Transformers and wanted to attend an event with the family, plus we are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary and he’ve never taken the kids to New York. So, we’re going to explore the city, take the train from Providence for the first time with the kids and stay at the Roger Smith Hotel (I booked it for the bacon they have at breakfast but then found out that Lily’s is no longer serving breakfast, bummer). I want to go to Central Park, FAO Schwarz and World of Nintendo (I found that on a map by accident but since we are Nintendo fans that would be a great place to visit.)

So, if the little man can calm down and sleep the night we might be well rested to hit the city tomorrow.

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