Cape Cod Kayaking…

This weekend Allison and I went Kayaking in Megansett Harbor with Kim and a tour from Cape Cod Kayak. This weekend marks the first time out on the water for Allison and the second time for me. How very sad, the entire summer almost over and we get out on the water at this late in the game. Shameful.

Anyway, the tour was a fun one with a play in the waves, and some live Celtic music. Inside the inner harbor of Megansett are some pretty nice well-to-do homes and at one home there was a wedding going on with a Live Celtic band. It was awesome to be out on the water while live music was playing. I thought it was a sound system on a boat at first and then realized while that would be a complete waste of money. Salt air and electronics – not a good match. I also saw as I got closer a large group of people at one of the homes on the shore. Some of the group went a little closer and were terrorized by three little boys who were throwing rocks at them. Actually they were not throwing rocks at the boats but were skipping them into the water. This caused Allison and I to discuss the lack of parental supervision of today’s children and the constant reminder of guilt for our actions that we learned as children.

Mother (Not ours) – “One of those rocks could skip up and hit one of those kayakers in the head killing him and making him drown, then how would you feel?”

Child (Not us) – “Mom, I’m two with the arm strength of a kitten, and I don’t know what drown means, so I mostly feel confused.”

Mother (Not ours) – “And what if one of those rocks hit a kayaker in the eye and he was blinded for life?”

Child – (Not us) – “Uh… Once again, I must defer to Kitten Strength.”

Mother – (Not Ours) – (muttering to self) – “Guilt, guilt. I must instill a healthy dose of childhood guilt.”

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