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Our Intrepid Beach Explorers

beach explorers

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00572

Each Summer we head to Cape Cod to stay with my parents. This year has been a bit different. Allison and I take walks each morning (When it isn’t raining) and wear masks. We wear masks anytime we go anywhere outside the house. We wear them to and from the beach. Once there we make sure to be more than 6 feet apart from other people. We don’t go at peak times or the weekends so it is easier to distance.

The kids are having great fun at the beach, they have some small nets and also their Froggles so they have been catching little fish. We are monitoring their interactions with the fish once it is caught and making sure that they release said fish about 5 minutes after they are caught. Most of the afternoon the kids were shouting to each other to “bring the bucket” because they had caught another fish. They had a great time swimming over and over. All of the kids are getting better and better at swimming. We had a nice dinner tonight and then went for a walk along the beach. Got some cute photos of all the cousins on the lifeguard chair.


I also ook some individual portraits of the kids for another project. But that will come later.

Eva’s First Jr. Krav Maga Lesson

Evas first Krav Class

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00558

During the Summer America’s Best Defense offers free training to family members and this year we decided to take advantage of that benefit. Today Eva took her first Jr. Krav Maga class. I am so proud of her. It is no secret that this is something that I have wanted Eva to learn for a while now. I’ve not pushed her toward it but I have offered her to try it out. Every time there is a buddy week or whatnot I encourage Eva to go. Well, this time she’s actually taking classes on her own.

We went to ABD and Eva and I met with Sensei Howard. He brought her through some of the basic moves and combinations. Then she got on the dojo floor with Mr. Brochu and the students in his Jr. Krav class. He told us that “She’s gonna be an animal” at the end of her class. Eva has a quiet intensity and she tries really hard to get things right. I know that she can do this and the main reason I have encouraged her to start training is not only the self defense benefits but the benefits of increased confidence. That is the main reason I have encouraged Eva to start is to gain that confidence in herself that is lacking. No matter how much encouragement we can give it will not bring about confidence in herself. She will find that in training and being completely outside her comfort zone. I cannot wait to see where she is in a year.