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Flashback: Curtis Knight Band


Okay, now that I’ve stopped laughing at the sight of this photo I can post it. Steve Donohue sent me this image from back in the day. This was taken between junior and senior year when I lived at Arnold’s for the summer. I rented a room from some guys in my class while they were home for the summer. I was working at the Saint A’s Coffee shop in the manager’s office preparing the new menus and other items.

Well, the first night I was staying there all the guys and I went to this Chinese restaurant called the Yee Dynasty to see The Curtis Knight Band. They were a fun band and I remember we kept yelling “Cu-Kni Never Die!” throughout the night.

There must have been a camera around that night because Stevie-D just sent me this photo. Notice the hair length, that was short for me in college. It’s pretty scary seeing these old photos.

This was also the first night I was staying at the house and I didn’t know everyone that well and all my stuff was in the basement and I was staying upstairs that night or downstairs or something, I can’t quite remember. Did I ever mention that I am master of the run-on sentence. I remember that I was heading to the Cape that next morning and the muffler had fallen off of my car the previous day. The morning after the Curtis Knight Band trip I went out to rig a clothes hanger under the car to keep the muffler on the car for the trip home.

Well, I forgot that the car had an alarm, so the minute I touched the clothes hanger to the metal of the car the alarm started going off. A couple of things went wrong at that moment. First, I had just gotten up and it was around 6:00am, I hadn’t bothered to shower and get dressed so I was out there in my boxers. Second, I was wedged under the car, not much clearance under the Volvo. Third it must have rained because I was next to a pretty good sized puddle while I did this. And, most importantly I didn’t have the keys with me. They were in the house.

So, the alarm starts blaring, I try to get up smack my head on the underside of the car, crash down into the puddle. Once I got out from under the car I frantically I tore though the house looking for the keys. First to the room I was sleeping in, then to the basement, then to the upstairs. I don’t know who was making more noise me or the car. Finally I found my keys and raced downstairs to shut off the alarm.

At this point I took a quick shower grabbed my stuff and headed home for the weekend. When I came back I asked if anyone had heard anything that Saturday morning and unbelievably I had not woken anyone up. So the moral is that Cheap booze and The Curtis Knight Band will help you sleep through anything. Long live The Curtis Knight Band

Which by the way is being reworked and retooled so they won’t be playing anywhere till mid 2005.

Updated 2008 – And I just checked the site, they play weddings now. Man, things have changed.

Happy New Year!

Trivial Pursuit, The men are headed for the middle and victory!

This year Allison and I attended a very nice New Year’s Eve get together with our friends. The party was hosted by Derek and Michelle. Their friend Mike came and so did Derik and Sarah and Neil and Andrea. Michelle made a great Taco ring from the Pampered Chef line. It was very tasty. Derek burned our tongues to cinders with a couple drops of some cheese dip laced with some crazy hot, hot sauce (Dave’s Insanity Sauce). My taste buds were fried for a little while. I made two racks of pork ribs that had been in the crock pot slow cooking all day long. When the pieces were removed from the crock pot the bones fell right off the meat.

Coco gets close to the action, or at least the camera.

As Neil can attest to, because by the time he arrived the crock pot contained many bones and a mere hint of the meat that had been on them.

As the night continued we pulled out the 20th Anniversary Edition of Trivial Pursuit and took up the banners of guys vs. girls. Please note, that in a most sexist manner the boys took the blue piece and the ladies the pink. Also note that our pie was full. That’s what happens when you get five brains full of useless knowledge working in unison.