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Finally Started the Garden

Photo-A-Day #3763

We are so very late getting gardening going at the house. We spent the money to get the garden completely cleared out and then even more money on supplies. We started some plants and figured that today we would plant them and get things started. When I picked up supplies I also grabbed a sunflower while I was out and we could split it apart and see if they would grow. Here is what the rest of the garden looks like. We’re going to try a second Jiffy Pop pack to try and grow some more plants. We cleared and planted 2/3 of the garden plus the sunflower broken into 4 plants. Continue reading Finally Started the Garden

Goofing Around at Briggs Garden Center

Photo-A-Day #3756

We went looking to buy some already started plants for our garden. We are so, so late in getting started because, well, it has taken us 3 years to get to this point so why would anyone be surprised. About a month ago I had my cousin David rip out everything in the garden and then we went to the Cape for three weeks. Three weeks of weeds grew and today I ripped all of those out and tilled the soil to get it ready to plant something. Well, there is nothing to plant other than some seeds that we will start, but we weren’t able to find an already started tomato plant or something like that.

We went to Briggs because we figured that they might have what we were looking for. However, we were so late that all of the potted plants were gone. There were some herbs but we’re not really into herbs at this point. We honestly aren’t into anything at this point. We are such novices.

Briggs has a very small playground for the kids. They had fun playing on the purple dinosaur and feeding carrots to the donkey, tiny pony and goat.