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Movie Review: COME AWAY

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We received a free screening pass to watch Come Away in our home last night for free. Opinions are our own.

COME AWAY is a beautiful and brilliantly clever story that interweaves the stories of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. It plays like an origin story for the two characters and all of the little details of their two stories are revealed in very interesting ways. The story centers on 8 year old Alice and her brother Peter, their parents and older brother and their Aunt. Through the course of the movie we see glimpses of several characters like the Lost Boys, Captain Hook and the Red Queen. Even Tinkerbell and the White Rabbit’s origins are revealed. I especially loved the explanation of Tinkerbell. I thought that was so clever and delightful. You can see how the imaginative play world of these children comes alive in amazing and terrifying ways.

Live is wonderful, almost idyllic for the siblings with long days playing in the bucolic countryside where reality often gives way to fantasy. However, a tragedy befalls the family and then the trauma of that tragedy puts the family on a trajectory towards sadness and despair. It is up to Alice and Peter to set things right and they certainly try their best to do so.

The characters are wonderful and the acting is exceptional. Everything is so beautiful and detailed and full of little nods to both stories that you cannot take it all in the first time around. I kept looking and looking to see how certain elements would be introduced to the story. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the movie with one exception. Andy gets a little freaked out when people are injured. He’s a very sensitive soul. There is a traumatic moment that is glimpsed later in the movie but that was enough to set his imagination going and he was out. When we discussed it further he saw that there was much to enjoy about the movie and that one moment should not have ruined it entirely for him.

COME AWAY will be in select theaters and ON DEMAND on Friday November 13. Take a look at the trailer below.

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In this imaginative origin story of two of the most beloved characters in literature – Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland – eight-year-old Alice (Keira Chansa), her mischievous brother Peter (Jordan A. Nash) and their brilliant older sibling David (Reece Yates) let their imaginations run wild one blissful summer in the English countryside. Encouraged by their parents Jack and Rose (David Oyelowo and Angelina Jolie), the kids’ make-believe tea parties, sword fights and pirate ship adventures come to an abrupt end when tragedy strikes. Peter, eager to prove himself a hero to his grief-stricken and financially-struggling parents, journeys with Alice to London, where they try to sell a treasured heirloom to the sinister pawnshop owner known as C.J. (David Gyasi). Returning home, Alice seeks temporary refuge in a wondrous rabbit hole while Peter permanently escapes reality by entering a magical realm as leader of the “Lost Boys.”

Directed By: Brenda Chapman
Written By: Marissa Kate Goodhill
Starring: David Oyelowo, Jordan Nash, Keira Chansa, Reece Yates, Anna Chancellor, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Angelina Jolie, with Derek Jacobi and Michael Caine
Produced By: Steve Richards, Andrea Keir, Leesa Kahn, James Spring, David Oyelowo

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