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One Thing from the Snack Bucket

One Thing from the Snack Bucket

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00624

Tonight we were supposed to go to an outdoor movie night at America’s Best Defense but it was cancelled so we stayed home instead and had a movie night at the house. We got pizza and we watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey because I really wanted to get to Bill and Ted Face the Music. We’ll watch that another night.

The kids enjoyed Excellent Adventure and tolerated Bogus Journey. I remember as a kid thinking that one was way out there and upon seeing it again back to back with the first movie it was better but still quite weird. I got more of a kick out of it this time around, though. What we all got a kick out of was the innocence of Andy. In Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure there is a part where Napoleon is bowling and he trips as he throws the ball and slams the floor over and over again saying “Shit” in French. This is put up as a sub-title with “Shit” being posted over and over. Well, Andy doesn’t speak French but he can read so he reads the screen out loud and we are cracking up. We tell Andy that it is a bad word not to be repeated and he didn’t know and yelped that he did not know it was a bad word. Just a classic Andy moment.

We’ll watch Bill and Ted Face the music at some point soon while the other two movies are fresh in our minds.

Oh and the picture. Andy and Eva asked for something from the Snack Bucket. We said, one thing. And this is what he came back with. He shared pieces with everyone and only had a little.

Catch 16 IMAX Documentaries on Hulu This Summer

Eva in Panda Gear

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00568

Thank you IMAX® for the promotional materials that you sent me for free for several of your documentaries now airing on HULU.

I’ve found that my children love to learn about the world around them. It is natural that children are explorers and they want to know so much about the world. For the past four decades IMAX® has been creating incredible documentaries of our world. What with the world being as it is right now and everyone being unable to get out and enjoy an IMAX® in its full glory people can still view these amazing stories on the streaming service HULU.

I do not have HULU and so I have not see these movies on the service. I have, however seen some of the movies in the theaters. Seeing an IMAX® movie at the New England Aquarium or Boston Museum of Science of ever over at Providence place is always a treat. I do hope to go back to an IMAX® theater soon with the kids to see some of their spectacular movies.

When the kids came home today they were thrilled to find the promotional materials that IMAX® sent me. They loved the Panda hat and stuffed animal as well as the activity book and stuffed animal for Superpower Dogs. I may have to start a HULU free month so we can watch these together.

Andy with Super Power Dogs

Below is more information on all the movie that will be on HULU. There are several IMAX® documentary films now on HULU stretching back to 1982.

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