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It’s Official!! Transformers will be LIVE Action Movie

Read it here. And who better to be attached to this project than Steven Spielberg!! The man who brought dinosaurs to life on the big screen is now going to tackle giant transforming car/robots. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, who cares, I’m going to be first in line to see TRANSFORMERS. I would love to see the classic Generation 1 characters represented as vehicles, but I tell you the tie ins from car companies would be huge if the movie used present day vehicles like Hasbro is using now with their Alternators Line of products. Continue reading It’s Official!! Transformers will be LIVE Action Movie

New Feature

Here is a new blogger feature, posting blog posts from an e-mail system. How it works is that I type an e-mail and send it to a specific address and the message posts automatically. I can’t add photos but this is a quick way to send text messages. And I can even use my phone to send a text message to this address. Oh the new possibilities or my ramblings. Continue reading New Feature